Be kind to yourself

There is no magic formula of how to get through. One day at a time; one hour at a time, and some days we need to take just one moment at a time.angel slumped in grief

With any loss, whether it is expected or unexpected, we are likely to experience many different emotions. Not all of us are affected in the same way or deal with it in the same manner. Remembering to allow other family members to grieve in their own ways, we also need to take care of ourselves, give ourselves the “space that we need” and to go for that walk, enjoy that relaxing bath laced with lavender oil, or just cry for a while.

The beauty found in nature can be a comfort. Taking some time to notice the beauty of a flower or a glorious sunset can help reconnect us to the world around us, and not demand anything from us.




Welcome to our website. You may have arrived here because you have lost someone close to you, or you may be helping someone else who is grieving, and looking for guidance and ideas to help along the way. I trust you will find encouragement and comfort here, and some ways to help ease the pain of your loss.

This site is currently under construction, but I know there are people hurting so I will add content continuously. I trust you will find some comfort here.

Angel on headstone 1My name is Sally Williams, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I tragically lost my son, Hamish Marsden to suicide in April 2011. Hamish was aged 22 years.

I understand the extent to which grief can wreak havoc with one’s life, as if your whole world stands still and your emotions oscillate from numbness to out of control.

As a counselor and both the editor and an active participant in our local “Solace Support Group” I am ready to step out and offer support, discuss different perspectives on grief from personal experience, articles of interest and relevant current events, trends and how we handle the challenges life throws our way.